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Obligatory nature of the energy certificate

If you are thinking of selling, buying or renting a property, please note that a regulation was established by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism as of June 1, 2013, which mandates the energy certificate, which is a report that contains several energy aspects of the property, specifying its consumption.

The content of this report is summarized in a label of energy efficiency similar to those of electrical appliances. It should be mentioned that if the person who wants to do the operation does not have the certificate will be legally punished through the payment of fines ranging from 300 to 6,000 euros.

However, there are exemptions for some dwellings such as: monuments, religious places, buildings under two years old, non-residential building areas, non-residential parts of buildings, homes with less than 50 m2, buildings used in industry or agriculture and buildings with less than 4 months of use.

How to obtain the energy certificate

For this reason, these are 5 simple steps to follow in order to obtain the energy certificate of your home

    1. Find a qualified technician.
      The Energy Certificate must be drafted by a trained and authorized personnel. The choice of the company of professionals to hire is left to the user’s authority. To this end, each community has a competent body where the user can go and being provided with the registration of authorized technicians to perform the certification. For example, in Madrid the accredited body is the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines as well as the Association of Engineers where there is a list of certified personnel.
    2. Ask the technician for a quote and an appointment.The cost of the Energy Certificate is not legally established, but is calculated according to the supply and demand existing in the market in that period. This situation has led to inconveniences because technicians sometimes request an amount of money for carrying out a positive certification or simply do not charge under the condition that the recommendations in said certification are made by them.
      That is why it is necessary for each community to apply the necessary controls to identify inconsistencies in the report. These errors are informed to the home owner who will have a stipulated period of time to make the corrections or relevant allegations to change the rating. If you get a good rating from the technical staff, your house will be revalued.
      Therefore, before requesting an appointment to the technician, check several budgets to choose the one that best suits you, and then request an appointment for the dwelling to be inspected. But an average a cost of 250 or 300 euros is stipulated, depending on the size of the property.
    3. Inform the Autonomous Community about the certificate.After the technician drafts the Energy Certificate report, you must inform the competent body in your area in order for the Regional Government to review it and subsequently validate it. The Regional Government is in charge of controlling that both the previous evaluation and the rating were correctly carried out.
      This action can be taken personally or by another person. It is worth mentioning that each community has established fees that must be paid off to be executed.
    4. Obtain the registration number.After a few days (2 or 3 working days) the energy label is obtained which shows a summary of the Energy Certificate, specifying the rating obtained regarding the efficient and rational use of energy in the house through a scale that goes from A (best performance) to G (worse performance) as well as a color that distinguishes them. Likewise, the label contains the assigned registration number. That is, the house is certified and registered in the competent body.
      Autonomous communities must create a registry with the properties and their rating, assigning each one their registration number. It is worth noting that the Energy Certificate is valid for 10 years renewable and users can request to update if the energy rating is to be changed due to any restoration made in the house.
    5.  Announce the Energy CertificateAccording to the legal regulations, the label obtained must be included in any advertisement or publicity that is made for the purpose of selling or renting the property either by the user or real estate agencies.

Follow all these steps and you can quickly and easily obtain your energy efficiency certificate through which you can perform any purchase, sale and rental of the property.

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