Emblematic Architectural Buildings in Alicante: Alicante Provincial Council

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Alicante is a city of great architectural value thanks in part to the work of its College of Architects, which has campaigned to recover and enhance the architectural heritage of the city since 2007. Hands down, one of the well-maintained buildings that are the flagship of this city is where the headquarters of the Alicante Provincial Council are currently located.

It was designed by the architect Juan Vidal Ramos, creator and promoter of some of the most important buildings in Alicante, such as Casa Lamaignere or Casa Gomis. It was officially opened in 1931 and is inspired by the Neoclassical style. This building is a palace of Italian influence with Baroque ornamentation at strategic points on its facade.

Its facade is made up of two differentiated areas that divide it horizontally. The lower one, consisting of the mezzanine floor and the second floor, is the predominant and simplest, almost lacking in ornamentation, where the half-point arches stand out. The upper area is made up of two floors and its decoration includes Corinthian-type columns that flank all the windows on each floor.

This building is a symmetrical palace that has a cubic tower at each end, being twins to each other and giving the building axial symmetry. In the middle, you can see the majestic entrance with a wide porch and a large balcony. The exterior of the building is a garden surrounded by an iron fence that was installed after its construction. In the garden, you can find monuments to different famous people of the city.

One of the bases of neoclassicism in architecture is based on functionality. This building is distributed in different spaces that now serve as offices and meeting rooms. It has a large hall that gives access to the main staircase.


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Photographs: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Joanbanjo