Architectural studio Alicante: tips for buying plot or land in Costa Blanca II

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As we have already mention in other articles, the choice of a plot has always been crucial in the construction project. Arquifach, architectural studio in Alicante, has been in charge of study of the best land to build single-family homes for more than 40 years.

The importance of the Town Hall Urban Planning Report; Arquifach, Achitectural studio in Alicante, helps you

Arquifach, architectural studio in Alicante: tips for buying plot or land in Costa Blanca
As mentioned in other articles about the purchase of the plot, it is important to first ensure that the land to be purchased is developable to avoid obstacles when undertaking the project. To ensure that the type of soil is correct, it is essential to thoroughly study the Town Hall Urban Planning Report to know if that plot is developable. Among the data included in the report are the current planning (type of soil, area, type of construction, uses, etc.), the cadastral identification of the plot, the boundaries (if the boundaries are correct), the summary of the particular by-laws of the construction and the use of urban soil applied in that specific case.
From this Urban Planning Report, we will be able to know if it is possible to build on this plot, how many m2 can be built and how can it be built and we can determine as follows:

  1. Maximum buildability: is the maximum area that can be built on a plot and is expressed by the fraction: m2 of construction/m2 of plot. This value oscillates around 0.30m2/m2, that is to say it can be built around a third of the surface of the plot at most.
  2. Maximum number of floors: it always refers above ground, that is to say on the natural level of the ground and usually they are normally two floors. Important to differentiate it from basements and semi-basements.
  3. Maximum height: it is usually measured from the floor to the bottom of the last floor that is under the eaves; in other cases, up to the top of the eaves. For two floors, the figure varies between 6m and 7m.
  4. Setbacks to streets and boundaries of neighbors: the setback is the location of a building or part of it behind a line drawn at a certain distance from a street or other part of the building. On the other hand, border of neighbors is the line that marks the boundaries of a land and separates it from others. The distance to which the construction should be compared to the boundaries of other neighbors may be different from the setback to the street. It may vary between 4m, 5m or the height of the construction.
  5. Maximum plot occupation, refers to the percentage of the plot occupied by the construction, for this the area occupied by the ground floor must be considered. It usually oscillates in a 25%, that is to say the construction cannot occupy more than a quarter of the surface of the plot, the rest must be for garden, parking, etc.

Arquifach, architectural studio in Alicante: advice on the purchase of the plot

Arquifach, architectural studio in Costa Blanca, requests and interprets the urban planning report
It is important to relate and interpret all the information gathered in the urban planning report and also request additional information that is not usually included in the standard requests. As a general rule, they are not related provided that some concepts are specifically requested, such as how the porches and the basement and semi-basement floors are calculated or how the plot can be transformed as far as land movements are concerned (clearing and filling), for perform their development.

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