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Choosing the materials to renovate a house is key for it to meet our aesthetic and functional needs. Therefore, this week we will deal with the best materials that can be chosen in relation to floors. Whether it is a house to be built or one to be renovated, there are different types of floors to consider.

If it is a house is old, it is logical that the existing pavement has become obsolete both from the aesthetic point of view and the functional point of view. Nowadays, there are much more resistant flooring materials with much better properties and finishes than those existing a few years ago, even in the case of materials that were already made a long time ago, such as the stoneware…

Choosing flooring types

It is very normal that while living in one’s own chalet or when buying a second-hand one, there is a need to carry out interior refurbishment works that include changing finishing materials and facilities.

To make a suitable choice we must start off from the style of the chalet, whether rustic, Mediterranean or modern. It is also necessary to distinguish between wet areas: bathrooms, kitchen, etc., and dry areas: bedrooms, living room, etc. And, of course, differentiating between the interior of the house or outside: the pool terrace area, the barbecue area, etc.


The different flooring types available in the market can be classified as follows:

    • Ceramic flooring:

type of clay or stoneware depending on the cooking degree of the piece and the used material. These are the most commonly used floors in construction, especially stoneware, mainly because its value for money.

    • Porcelain flooring:

used in the highest quality homes and ideal for areas where the most rigorous technical specifications of hardness, high resistance, low porosity and minimum water absorption are required. Also, this type of floor has excellent aesthetic qualities. There are different manufacturing and finishing processes, allowing pieces up to 3 m long. The porcelain floor is more expensive due to both the material itself and the complexity of its placement.

    • Vinyl flooring:

It is easy to clean and resistant tot humidity and water. It is also comfortable to replace and place on other existing pavements, if we want to do little work. It is a thermal insulator and its Improper use can affect you and look less natural than the floors it imitates.

    • Smooth Concrete or Micro Concrete Flooring:

It is a very modern and easy maintenance option in addition to being very resistant on which drawings, shapes and colors can be designed at will. A proper work not only provides good designs and finishes, but also greater resistance avoiding easy wear and tear.

    • Natural stone flooring:

Such as marble, travertines, slate, quartzite, granite, sandstone, limestone, etc. There is a great variety of qualities and characteristics, such as strength, hardness, porosity, texture, softness, color, etc. Their beauty is practically inimitable beauty whereas its price and placement can be among the highest.

    • Terrazzo Flooring:

It is a conglomerate hardened with pieces of marble crushed and colored with pigments of varied nature, subjected to a vibration and prestressing process for great compactness and resistance to wear. Despite being very inexpensive, they are not usually used nowadays because they are considered outdated.

    • Wooden pavements:

There are two types: parquet or floating platform which are very demanded today. Despite their warmth, their maintenance is very demanding because they scratch very easily and are susceptible to deformation and deterioration by moisture. We discourage its choice for high-traffic areas.

Flooring your chalet

Professional advice is required according to the needs of each chalet. Some of the mentioned flooring types require a great professionalism for their placement, using techniques and special glues for their fixation. Therefore, it is essential that any reform be done by qualified professionals who can advise the client.

Arquifach Alicante Architects takes charge of the renovation of your chalet on the Costa Blanca

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