Alicante Architects: How to do a Renovation of a Single-family Home or Villa

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I want to do a renovation work. Do I have to ask for a license?

In many cases, right after buying a second-hand house, a house or an apartment we think about doing some renovations to adapt it to our needs or tastes. In addition to hiring a builder to do the work, what other actors are involved in the process? Do I have to ask for a license? How much can “paperwork” cost?

What many people do not know is that there is always a license to be asked for any type of work, be it a renovation, a change of facilities, painting, a change in the woodwork, or any other aesthetics or architectural change in the house.

Are all licenses the same?

To answer this question, it is essential to distinguish if it is a major work or minor work, because depending on whether it is of one type or another, the path is different.

According to judgments of the Supreme Court, in the case of renovation works, the difference between a major work and a minor work is that a major work affects the structure and (or) the facades, including the roof as a facade. The rest of the works can be considered a minor work.

Despite this clear definition, we must bear in mind that each city council has its criteria to define what type of work is greater or lesser, and based on this classification, the path is different. Therefore, it is advised to go the Town Hall where the construction is intended to be developed and ask for information.
Alicante Architects renovation work: How to do a Renovation of a Single-family Home or Villa

What are the requirements for a major work?

In the case of a major work, the project and direction of the architect and the quantity surveyor will be needed, as well as the payment of the license and municipal taxes. In both cases: the technicians fees and municipal license fees are based on the cost of the work which is, in turn, calculated on the square meters of the renovation area.

In some cases, the builder is responsible for these procedures before the town hall, and may hire technicians at his expense, if necessary. It is very important that before starting the work, the builder, if he has been responsible for processing the license, delivers a copy of it to us due to two reasons. The first one is to justify that the property was licensed and, the second one, because a copy of the license will be required by a municipal inspector if they come to supervise the work.

What are the requirements for a minor work?

In the case of a minor work, in principle, technician intervention is not needed and the processing of the license is simpler and faster. Again, it must be said that each town hall has its own system of pricing and processing. There are town halls where the license is automatically granted by only paying said license through by the self-assessment method.

“Self-assessment” means that the owner who wants to do the renovation work, picks up a form at the town hall, fills it out and depending on the square feet and the intended work, an amount to pay for the license appears and must paid in a bank.

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