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Today, the design of many of the new houses in the Alicante and Costa Blanca is contemporary and modern, and more and more single-family homes have been built following projects customized for each client. Therefore, today in the blog we are going to analyze the key factors that influence the implementation of personalized single-family housing projects. First, let us review the advantages of designing a custom home:


A design to your liking. If you decide to carry out a customized single-family house project, you will have the opportunity to personalize the design of the construction, from the shape and the style, up to each one of the rooms.

Price of the house. Some studies suggest that building a home from scratch can mean savings of up to 20% as long as the right decisions have been made regarding the purchase of the right land, the use of the right materials or the choice of a team of qualified professionals and architects to carry out the project.

As long as the right decisions have been made regarding the purchase of the right land, the use of the right materials or the choice of a team of qualified professionals and architects to carry out the project.

Guarantee of the builder and architect. Carrying out a custom project involves hiring a team to carry it out. Therefore, you must choose an architectural firm that provides peace of mind and guarantees that the project will be 100% satisfactory for the client. The architectural firm must have reliable suppliers and collaborators who guarantee that the work complies with the law, the guarantee terms and the quality standards.

Long-term investment. On the Costa Blanca, the real estate market has evolved upwards in recent years. According to the report published by, average sales prices on the Costa Blanca increased by 3.2% in the third quarter of 2018 compared to the same period last year, followed closely by rents.

State-of-the-art technology: domotics. Custom home building projects offer the opportunity to invest in state-of-the-art technology. Domotics allows you to control your home from anywhere, offering advantages such as security, comfort and savings.

More space / more privacy / more outdoor spaces: The choice of land is key when considering the design of the project. By controlling this factor, issues such as privacy, space, access, orientation, unevenness and, of course, everything that has to do with outdoor architecture can be considered.


Deciding on a single-family home project has its pros and cons. This process requires time and capital investment. Therefore, it is essential to start with the right information about the scope of the project. It is important to have an architectural firm that advises you and, above all, has experience in the area and in the type of project.

  • Study the plot: As we have seen in other articles, the choice of the plot is one of the fundamental aspects of any project. Depending on the land, one type of house or another can be built. It must comply with the regulations and have water, electricity, sewerage, curbs, and street lighting services and, if possible, supply of gas and fiber optics.
  • Inspiration: It is not always easy to decide on the style of the house to be built. This is a process that should not fall solely on the client. A team of experienced architects will know how to guide future homeowners either through other projects, or by drawing conclusions about the functionality and expectations of the project by talking to the client.
  • Plans: The ideas contributed by the owner will be transformed into plans, through more formal concepts where measures are verified and budgets are adjusted. These plans will take into account the orientation of the home or the distribution of spaces always with the aim of achieving the best views, the use of natural light and open spaces, always bearing in mind that it is cheaper to erase in the plans than to erase in the work.
  • Materials: Materials are a fundamental part of the design. Choosing those that are of high quality allows the construction to be durable and contributes to factors as important as energy saving. It is important not only the choice of finishing materials, but also the materials that are not seen, such as insulation, foundations, waterproofing, etc.
  • Decoration: The decoration should not be left for the end, it is necessary to inform the group of professionals the necessary data so that the pertinent changes can be made.
  • Specialized teams and professionals: The ideal is to have a team of professionals who can be trusted and can cover the entire project, from design, construction, planning, pathology reports, assessments and general advice.


Building a home is a process whose success depends on many factors. The best way to ensure it, is to have architects who give guarantees. A guarantee that is based on experience.

It is important to choose an architectural firm that will guide you throughout the process from the beginning of the design to the delivery of the final documentation to live in the house, which has experience in the area and qualified personnel to perform the comprehensive management of the project, but above all, that designs according to your needs and expectations.