Alicante Arquitects: Factors to build a healthy home in Costa Blanca

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At Arquifach, Alicante Arquitects, we are aware of the impact the environment has on the health and well-being of people. We are what we breathe and what we live. Therefore, part of the mission of Arquifach, Alicante Arquitects, is to design and build houses that contribute and even enhance the life and health of their inhabitants.

There are many factors that affect the suitability of the construction of a villa or chalet. We want to highlight the following ones:

Where to build a healthy home?

As we have mentioned before, the choice of the plot to build is an important decision. Before doing so, several aspects that can affect our health must be taken into account. Among them is radiation. It can be artificial, generated by high-voltage lines or antennas; or environmental, generated by environmental toxicants lodged in the soil, air or water. Controlling these aspects through a previous study will facilitate the subsequent work of design and construction of a house. Arquifach, Alicante Arquitects, helps you choose the ideal land for the construction of your healthy home.

Protection, a key aspect in healthy homes

It is crucial including the creation of barriers that protect against possible external aggressions in the planning of the building.

  1. Noise control: our home should be a haven of peace to relax and get quiet. For this reason, it is necessary to take measures to make the interior noise as low as possible. Ideally, all outdoor noise should be below 35db.
  2. Security: Fire protocols and a possible private security system should be considered.
  3. Controlled humidity: the planning should consider the sources of humidity close to the ground and control condensation points.
  4. Temperature control: it must be considered within the comfort standards and not be affected by external temperature contrasts. Measures can be taken such as establishing window efficiency, isolating doors, using materials that protect against extreme temperatures, and installing efficient cooling systems.

Enhancement of the exterior and the interior: these are the aspects to be taken into account:

PDA. GARGASINDI DE CALPE, made for Arquifach: Alicante Arquitects.

  1. Air quality: materials should be selected to ensure that their chemical emissions are as low as possible.
  2. Water quality: water must be fit for consumption as established by regulations. A proper purification system is essential.
  3. Ventilation: it is imperative that the air is renewed and the ventilation rate is met or even exceeded. Therefore, air recirculation outlets should be located away from possible contamination sources.
  4. Light as a protagonist: one of the main characteristics of the Mediterranean area is light, and that clarity should be considered in the design of spaces. Whether artificial, natural or combined, light must be sufficient to perform tasks without getting dazzled.
  5. Views: The Costa Blanca offers incredible landscapes. Both the choice of the plot and the design of the house must take advantage of them.

Outdoor spaces are part of a healthy home

Costa Blanca invites you to have outdoor spaces with a multitude of possibilities. They can be sites that serve as a union with nature and the environment, or perhaps family and leisure areas to carry out different activities. Whatever it is, it is vital to know and plan how the outdoor space of the home we will be since there is where we will also spend a lot of the time. The accesses to the interior must be organized as well as facilitating the circulation. The weather will greatly mark the creation process. The orientation of light must be taken into account in order to make the most of natural light.

How to design and build a healthy home by Arquifach:

  1. Analyze the land thoroughly: its orography, climate and resources.
  2. Decide the factors to enhance on the land, such as the views to the environment or natural light.
  3. Determine the aspects that can affect health and take the most effective measures to counteract them. For example, streams of groundwater or possible noise or environmental pollution.
  4. Take into account the current and future needs of its inhabitants.

Arquifach, Alicante Arquitects, designs and builds your chalet or single-family healthy home in Costa Blanca

Contact Arquifach, Alicante architectural studio, without obligation. We study the feasibility of your project and offer advice on the construction of new single-family homes or tourist- apartment buildings. It has the support of a specialized team in Costa Blanca. Arquifach is in charge of finding the plot adapted to the needs of each client, complying with municipal regulations. We take over the entire project: its design, construction, planning, pathology reports, assessments and advice in general.