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Restoration of historical buildings is important to keep our culture. Historical buildings, as their name suggests, are constructions that are part of the history of a country, province or community, for which reason they are considered a heritage. They were built by our ancestors by means of materials and rudimentary techniques that allowed them to build an architectural work.

Why carry out rehabilitation of historic buildings?

In addition to their historic value, these buildings are also a key factor in the economic development of the area where they are located because they become tourist attractions being visited by both locals and tourists due to their historical meaning and the majesty and details they have.

However, owing to their antique construction as well as the environment in which they are located (areas with weather variations and high humidity), their infrastructure may weaken due to the degradation of the materials with which they were built, resulting in the appearance of cracks or fissures.

Diagnosis for the rehabilitation of historic buildings

Therefore, it is necessary to restore the historical building. To do so, the first step is to make an initial diagnosis of the current conditions of the infrastructure. This diagnosis must be made by qualified personnel, given the importance and value of said construction, and must account for the materials and techniques used, the weaknesses found and what is proposed to restore it. It should be noted that efforts must be made to maintain the original construction materials in order to preserve their historical value. These elements must be reinforced and protected and only the structural elements that are considered necessary must be replaced, either due to their deterioration or weakening.

Another important element to consider at the time of the restoration is the façade, because it is the main face of the construction, whose essence and shape must be kept in order for the construction not to lose its historical quality. That is why the staff should try to do the relevant restoration without changing the original façade and only by making the necessary reinforcements as well as the replacement of very weak structural elements.

Arquifach is one of the architecture studios in Alicante and in general throughout Costa Blanca in charge of the restoration of works and historic buildings. It was founded more than 46 years ago and has highly skilled and qualified professionals in different areas of architectural design and construction.

Rehabilitation of historic buildings made by Arquifach

Among the projects carried out by the professionals of the Arquifach’s group of architects on a historical building is the exterior and roof restoration of the St. Peter The Apostle Church located in Polop de la Marina. In this work, they took into consideration the initial needs, the diagnosis made and the legal regulations to restore this type of constructions by maintaining its quality as a historical building.
In this sense, an integral service was provided according to the principles established by Arquifach which, based on the diagnosis and historical review carried out by the staff, allowed them to restore and recover the image or main façade of the historical building. To do so, elements or materials that were sensitive to temperature changes and humidity in the area were replaced, which allowed the fissures that caused leaks to be corrected.

Likewise, other aspects were considered for restoration design, such as the accessibility of the building, the comfort inside which is given by its functionality, as well as the control of all aspects that allow the completion of the work successfully. It is necessary to emphasize that all these restorations must be carried out in compliance with the legal regulations in force that protect historical sites.

All in all, the restoration of historical buildings is one of the most rewarding tasks for the professionals once the entire project is completed because, in addition to preserving a heritage with so much value for a community, it allows them to be part of history because they were members of the team in charge of the restoration.

Arquifach: Architectural Studio in Alicante, takes charge of your project

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