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Arquifach estudio de arquitectura Alicante, acompaña a sus clientes, en todo el proceso de construcción de viviendas unifamiliares y apartamentos turísticos, desde el inicio hasta el final.
22 May 2018

The choice of a plot has always been crucial in the construction project. Arquifach, architectural studio in Costa Blanca, has been in charge of study of the best land to build single-family homes for more than 40 years.
Some of our clients have wanted to start the construction of a detached house in plots bought before contacting Arquifach, having to inform them that it was not possible to build on that plot.
To avoid these situations, Arquifach architectural studio in Alicante, provides a series of recommendations to not have surprises in this first step for the construction of a villa: The purchase of the plot.
It is necessary to consider different aspects before taking the definitive step of buying the land, such as the urban, the physical, and the legal aspects.

Purchasing a plot: urban aspects

From the urban planning standpoint, it could be said that there are 4 types of soil, which as a general rule are defined in the General Urban Planning Plans of each Municipality:

a.- Reserved Soil, which corresponds to public facilities (town hall, schools, health center, etc.) and which are reserved for buildings dedicated to the public service.

b.- Urban Soil, which is the one that has the necessary infrastructures to be able to build and is included in the urban planning of each municipality and, as its name suggests, it is a soil that has the necessary urban services, or its surface is included in urban areas.

c.- Developable Soil, is the future reserve of urban soil, does not have the developed infrastructures, and as long as they have not been approved and developed (and therefore becomes urban land) the construction in that type of soil is prohibited.

d.- Non-Developable Soil, which is the terrain colloquially called rustic soil; It has different qualifications, from special protection non-developable soil to common non-developable soil. In the latter case, a single-family home could be built with a series of limitations.

In summary, the Urban Soil is where the plots that can be developed are mainly located. Specifically, for the case of the construction of villas, in sub-areas classified as: VU (single-family house, or AIS (isolated building), or Consolidated Urban Soil, etc. Each municipal term, and even within each term, there are different specific regulations so there is no global norm or unified criteria for the entire area of the province of Alicante.

Purchasing a plot: urban planning report

Arquifach will assess the feasibility of your project and offer advice on the construction of new single-family homes or tourist apartment buildings

To be sure of the type of land that we offer to buy, the best practice is to ask the seller for a Town Hall Urban Planning Report where the plot is located, reflecting, among other sections, the following:
1. Current Urban Planning: Type of land (urban, developable, reserved or non-developable), area, type of building, uses, etc. Cadastral identification of the plot.
2. Boundaries. If the separation line to the street or current public road is correct or some area of the plot must be yielded to expand the public road.
3. Summary of the particular by-laws of the construction and of the urban land uses applied to that particular case.
From this Urban Planning Report, we will be able to know if it is possible to build on this plot, how many m2 can be built and how can it be built.

Arquifach, architectural studio in Alicante: advice on the purchase of the plot

It is important to have the best advisors to avoid that the investment falls on deaf ears or lose opportunities due to time or indecision due to lack of information. Arquifach, architectural studio in Costa Blanca, provides you with a highly-qualified team of professionals to accompany you from the beginning of projects. Your vacation home will have a network of advisors that will guarantee your 100% satisfaction. Count on Arquifach to ensure that the purchase of the plot is a simple process and does not suppose a headache.

Contact Arquifach, architectural studio in Alicante, without commitment. We will assess the feasibility of your project and offer advice on the construction of new single-family homes or tourist apartment buildings. It has the support of a specialized team in Costa Blanca.

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