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Why choose Alicante, Costa Blanca

Costa Banca is a privileged spot because it is located in the southeast of Spain, specifically in the province of Alicante, whose geographical and climatological characteristics attracts both for residents and tourists. Its wide coast and mild weather with dry season make it an ideal destination. In addition to this, it has an average annual temperature of 17.8º.

Alicante weather factors

It should be emphasized that because it is a coastal area, temperatures are mild in the winter and warm in the summer, and rainfall is low. One of the key climatological factors of the area is its humidity which extremely varies throughout the year, being the period of highest humidity between June and October; that is four months approximately.
The climate variability between humidity and dry weather existing in Alicante and in general all over Costa Blanca affects both its home structures, due to the fact that the materials weaken resulting in the appearance of cracks or fissures, and its inhabitants’ health.

Prepare your home

Therefore, people should check if their houses are prepared to resist these weather variations, especially humidity, in order to minimize the possible consequences, because these times are beautiful as long as you are in a safe and warm home.
One of the consequences of poor isolation is the high heating costs to be paid in order to regulate the temperature of the home, which implies a higher energy consumption. Likewise, having to withstand the various external factors of the environment such as street noise, the entrance of dust, humidity, as well as temperature changes. Apart from damaging home structures, all of these factors end up affecting people’s health.

Consequences of poor isolation

To avoid this, several insulating materials and insulation techniques are currently used and adapted to the client’s needs, the climate zone in which houses are located and the type of surface to be insulated. Therefore, it is necessary to ask for advice to architects and/or construction personnel who make a diagnosis by checking the areas of the house, such as: the roof, enclosures, doors, floors and windows and by choosing the right material and method to achieve a better comfort. It should be noted that windows, doors and enclosures are considered the easiest ones to isolate because they can be sellotaped to prevent any external agent from entering.

Optimum insulation: materials and techniques

In short, a chalet with a good level of insulation enjoys a better energy benefit, because the use of artificial methods to regulate temperature is minimal, which brings both money and energy savings.
For this reason, Alicante architects recommend to use high thermal resistance materials or insulators for constructions in the area. In other words, materials that protect us from temperature variations and external factors. Old buildings or those lacking adequate insulation should be improved by properly insulating their areas (roof, wall, floor, window, doors) by means of a material that has a lower conductivity and a high resistance in order to provide thermal and acoustic protection against humidity and allow money and energy savings.

Benefits of optimal insulation

Based on the aforementioned facts, the optimal isolation in the design of a home in Alicante and in general throughout Costa Blanca is an essential decision, given the weather conditions of the area and the advantages it has for both infrastructure and quality of life. This optimum insulation is possible when maximum protection is achieved through the appropriate materials and techniques. Whether in the case of a chalet lacking any type of insulation because it was built a long time ago or a chalet requiring some improvement, people should invest in an optimal isolation that provides them with adequate protection. It should be noted that said investment will be returned over time because energy consumption costs will be lower and it will also become an environmentally-friendly investment. Likewise, the comfort of a warm house free of external factors that disturb your tranquility makes any investment is minimal.

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