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Nowadays, technological and digital evolution have transformed society. In 2019 many of the architecture trends are focused on sustainable architecture. They seek to protect the environment. They pursue that both the materials and structures that are manufactured and the practices that are carried out are eco-friendly. That is, help conserve environmental resources, through the use of multifunctional, flexible, dynamic and intelligent structures. In this article we are going to review the 2019 architecture trends.

Architecture trends 2019

Among the main architectural trends that will mark the field of building design in this year 2019 are the following:

Home automation and smart homes

One of the trends that has been growing in recent years is the inclusion of domotics in architecture. It is a combination of intelligent architecture, high-quality technology and awareness of the environment. Among its advantages is the energy saving and the necessary consumption.

In general terms we can define it as the use of technology that allows people to have more control of all the conditions of the house. All with the minimum effort. It’s about living with more comfort, security and optimizing expenses.

To do this, automated systems are used to control light, remote heating, security of the home, wireless sounds, wireless connection, etc. This trend allows to adapt the constructions, minimizing the time and resources used, favoring their automation.

Tendencies of architecture 2019

Buildings based on energy efficiency

The architecture of this type of construction is based on achieving the maximum performance of the environment of what is always built to have the least possible impact. This environment takes into account the conditions of the climate, the ecosystem and hydrography.

They use natural but technologically advanced materials that minimize the emission and consumption of energy that is currently used for lighting, heating, cooling, etc. supplanting it to a greater extent by renewable energy sources.

Construction with greater acoustic control

Each space deserves to enhance or minimize the sound according to its function, for example, in a house people seek tranquility and peace, while in an auditorium the sound is expected to be enhanced. Therefore, the architecture trend of 2019 covers acoustic control in buildings without losing the design, knowing previously the use that will be given to the space.

Multipurpose spaces

Currently, homes with open spaces are being designed to establish multifunctional environments, taking better advantage of the space, making it more spacious. This type of architecture is ideal for small spaces.
The floor and walls as protagonists

In this trend, greater emphasis is placed on the design of the walls and the floor. The walls become canvases, to the taste of the person, using a diversity of motifs, textures, vinyls or hand-made murals, ideal for modern people as it is a different trend from the previous ones. With respect to the floor, it returns the decoration with tiles, terracotta and terrazzo.

Use of ecological materials

Being in the eco-friendly period, it is common to use materials with low environmental impact without losing their durability and resistance, which are reusable and with less impact on health, such as: wood, iron, glass, marble, paint without chemical additives, etc.

The trends in architecture in 2019 are an exciting topic, based on the protection of the environment, which will surely bring new challenges and new developments.

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