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Mediterranean lifestyle

More than twenty countries and three different continents are bordered by the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks to its waters, all these regions share their weather and many geographical characteristics. Also, their customs and ways of life are influenced and unified by its waters in many aspects. This way of living has also influenced the architecture in a very characteristic style known as the Mediterranean style.

This architectural style adjusts to the way of living of the Mediterranean’s inhabitants, showing different characteristics according to the area being toured. Customs, historical events, and traditions are imprinted on the walls and roofs of homes.

Fundamentals of Mediterranean architecture

Despite the diversity of currents on the different geographical areas, a series of characteristics are common to all of them and constitute some fundamentals of the Mediterranean style which are listed below:

Adaptation to the landscape: This means respecting the environment where the construction is located and integrating to the land as efficiently as possible. Homes must be adjusted to the land regarding their earrings and peculiarities.
Native raw material: Its environment is so rich that the closest resources are used in both the exterior construction with walls covered with adobe or stones walls and the interior construction with terracotta floors or exposed wooden beams.
Heat-resistant constructions: White color is one of the greatest allies in Mediterranean constructions because it reflects light and reduce heat inside buildings. Also, special coatings for the isolation of high temperatures are required.
The exterior is part of the house: sun, light and warm weather make the exterior of the house the perfect place to stay throughout the day. That is why, the terraces, patio and balconies design is an essential part in this type of houses.
Permanent sunlight: one of the main characteristics of the Mediterranean area is its light and such a characteristic should be included in the design of the rooms.
Inner and outer nature: The interior design of the houses should have a cove environment where patios and gardens are filled with plants, rustic floors and wooden doors and windows.
The presence of water: related to the quality of the land and the environment. The preservation of wells and other sources of water in the plot to be constructed on will be common.

Arquifach, Architectural Studio in Alicante: Contemporary Mediterranean Style

The Arquifach single-family homes are inspired by the Mediterranean history and tradition which are translated into a minimalist and contemporary style. These are some of the most characteristic examples:


Painted in an intense white color, this urban development is conceived as a traditional country house with modern styles. It has a total of 344,90m2 and is built in an idyllic setting where the calm of the Mediterranean Sea can be breathed.
Urbanización San Jaime Benissa. Architectural Studio in Alicante, Costa Blanca.


The memories of the traditional stone house are preserved in this house but accompanied by contemporary, warm and livable spaces. It has a total of 420m2 and is built in a natural environment that surrounds the house and makes it unique.
Pda. Vinyent (Benissa). Architectural Studio in Alicante, Costa Blanca.


Teak ceilings and arches along the facades attached to porches and patios decorated with flowers and native plants. A single-family house with a total of 705 constructed meters.
URBANIZACIÓN LOS PINOS DE CALPE. Architectural Studio in Alicante, Costa Blanca.

Your Mediterranean home at Costa Blanca, just as you imagine it

Contact Arquifach, architectural studio in Alicante, without commitment. We study the feasibility of your project and offer advice on the construction of new single-family homes or tourist apartment buildings. It is supported by a Costa Blanca specialized team. Arquifach is in charge of finding the ideal plot to the needs of each client, complying with the municipal regulations. We cover the entire project: its design, construction, planning, pathology reports, assessments and advice in general.