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rehabilitación de edificios históricos. iglesia de San Pedro Apóstol ubicado en Polop de la Marina. Proyecto Arquifach, estudios de arquitectura de Alicante
16 November 2018
Restoration of historical buildings is important to keep our culture. Historical buildings, as their name suggests, are constructions that are part of the history of a country, province or community, for which reason they are considered a heritage. They were built by our ancestors by means of materials and rudimentary techniques that allowed them to...
Consejos de Arquifach, Estudio de arquitectura Alicante: cómo obtener el certificado energético. Pasos para conseguir el certificado energético.
29 October 2018
Obligatory nature of the energy certificate If you are thinking of selling, buying or renting a property, please note that a regulation was established by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism as of June 1, 2013, which mandates the energy certificate, which is a report that contains several energy aspects of the property, specifying...
Aislamiento óptimo para chalets o villas en Alicante, Costa Blanca. Consejos de arquitectura de Arquifach, arquitectura Alicante.
22 October 2018
Why choose Alicante, Costa Blanca Costa Banca is a privileged spot because it is located in the southeast of Spain, specifically in the province of Alicante, whose geographical and climatological characteristics attracts both for residents and tourists. Its wide coast and mild weather with dry season make it an ideal destination. In addition to this,...
Estudio de arquitectura Arquifach: Villa Gades
18 October 2018
A new project has arrived at the hands of Arquifach. We present Villa Gades. Characteristics and architectural style A detached villa that has two floors above ground. A structure that is characterized by its game of levels and geometric shapes that allow you to enjoy several leisure areas and activities. It has a waterfall pool...
Bureau d’architectes Alicante : types de revêtements de sol
11 October 2018
Choosing the materials to renovate a house is key for it to meet our aesthetic and functional needs. Therefore, this week we will deal with the best materials that can be chosen in relation to floors. Whether it is a house to be built or one to be renovated, there are different types of floors...