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A new project has arrived at the hands of Arquifach. We present Villa Gades.

Characteristics and architectural style

A detached villa that has two floors above ground. A structure that is characterized by its game of levels and geometric shapes that allow you to enjoy several leisure areas and activities. It has a waterfall pool that is located on level two. Several terraces are distributed in the levels.

With a modern and functional aesthetic, it adapts to the irregularities of the land, open to the garden and with spectacular views. Integration of modern and Mediterranean style.
Arquifach: Architectural Studio in Alicante. Arquifach: Architectural studio Alicante. Villa Gades

How does Arquifach make a project successful?

Casa Nadia, Arquifach, architectural studio in Alicante
First and foremost, the client’s expectations towards the project must be met. You can rely on our professional team of architects, specialized in different fields of architectural design, construction, planning, pathology reports, assessments and general advice. We offer a comprehensive service that allows our clients to enjoy the following advantages:

  1. Paperwork management and municipal administrations
  2. As previously mentioned in other articles, a holiday home project involves a series of procedures necessary for its execution, such as municipal administrations to determine if a land is developable, and the insurance and licenses required for construction. Arquifach deals with the smallest detail and advises the client on the choice of land and also on the choice of architectural style.

  3. A design consistent with your needs and expectations
  4. Factors such as the organization of space, the use of natural light or the choice of materials are key to meeting the needs and expectations of future homeowners. Knowing the use a house will be given is essential to propose its construction within the agreed budget. The mission of Arquifach is to make the most of the space by applying more than 37 years of experience. The idea is to conceptualize the needs and translate them into the design.

  5. Project supervision
  6. While the construction and works last, the client can have the peace of mind that Aquirfach is responsible for the works to be carried out according to the approved project. Unforeseen events will be controlled, respecting time and budget.

  7. Security and responsibility
  8. The current and safety regulations must always be present in the project approach. During the duration of the work, Arquifach prioritizes safety and complies with regulations, also having the guarantee of being part of the Architects Association. The project will comply with the corresponding regulations regarding safety, quality and sustainability.

  9. Trusted partners and suppliers
  10. The success of a project depends, to a great extent, on the professionals working in it. Arquifach, architectural studio in Alicante, has a network of highly- qualified and experienced partners.

  11. Qualification saves costs.
  12. The efficient planning of a project is essential to avoid the possible long-term costs derived from errors in construction. Arquifach guarantees that the project will be successfully completed and will take into account all the factors that ensure home durability.

  13. Increase in real estate value
  14. Each one of the decisions thoughtfully taken makes the real estate value of a property increase.

Your property in Alicante

Costa Blanca is one of the most emblematic scenarios of Valencian tourism. This place that evokes tranquility and rest houses beautiful and paradisiacal places. To speak of the Costa Blanca is to speak of paradisiac coves, endless beaches of white sand and crystal clear waters. These and many other factors make this destination the favorite of many people to develop their real estate projects.

Arquifach: Architectural Studio in Alicante, takes charge of your project

Contact Arquifach, architectural studio in Alicante, without commitment. It has overall services in the construction of new single-family homes or tourist apartment buildings. It has the support of a specialized team on the Costa Blanca. Arquifach covers the entire project: its design, construction, planning, pathology reports, assessments and general advice.