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¿Cuánto cuesta construir una casa desde cero?
1 February 2019
Everyone wants a house where they can live comfortably with their family. It is common to choose the easiest option and buy a property already built thinking it is more economical. But this is not always the case, prices do not vary so much between building a custom house or buying one already built. So...
Tendecias de arquitectura 2019
15 January 2019
Nowadays, technological and digital evolution have transformed society. In 2019 many of the architecture trends are focused on sustainable architecture. They seek to protect the environment. They pursue that both the materials and structures that are manufactured and the practices that are carried out are eco-friendly. That is, help conserve environmental resources, through the use...
13 December 2018
Real Estate Investments on the Costa Blanca: Why buy a house on the Costa Blanca? Costa Banca is located in the province of Alicante in the southeast of Spain. It is a privileged place due to its geographical and climatological characteristics that make it attractive for great investment possibilities by residents and tourists. Many of...
Fachada del centro George Pompidou, ubicado en París. Ejemplo de arquitectura High Tech.
7 December 2018
Nowadays, technological and digital evolution have transformed society. Nobody could have imagined in the past that we would become practically technified. This evolution covers all areas: health, education, industry and food, among others. In this sense, architecture has also had a progressive advance, giving rise to new trends where the structure, facilities, enclosures and other...
destinos para jubilarse: consejos de Arquifach, estudio de arquitectura Alciante, estudio de arquitectura Calpe.
28 November 2018
It has often been said that the Mediterranean coast has something special, maybe that’s why it is the destination chosen among many retirees. Many of them come from northern European countries. This week in our blog we will analyze the reasons why many people choose the Mediterranean Coast and specifically the Costa Blanca as destinations...