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Arquitectura Alicante, Calpe: Muralla Roja
11 October 2018
Discovering architectural jewels in Calpe We cannot hide our passion for the Costa Blanca because it is an ideal place to live or where to have a second home as our little paradise. All along the Costa Blanca and Alicante, small towns bathed by the Mediterranean Sea can be found. One of them is Calpe,...
Arquifach, estudio de arquitectura en Alicante: ¿Cuál es el mejor momento para realizar una reforma?
13 September 2018
It is very normal that during the life of a chalet or when buying a second-hand chalet, there is a need to carry out interior renovation works that include the change of finishing materials and facilities. There are also cases in which it is necessary to carry out extension works because the construction is not...
Casa Carbonell Alicante
13 August 2018
Discover Costa Blanca through Arquifach, architectural studio Alicante Costa Blanca is a land rich in culture that holds many architectural gems to discover. In the blog of Arquifach, architectural studio in Alicante, we will visit some of its architectural treasures, monuments and most characteristic buildings. Alicante and Costa Blanca, architectural richness: Casa Carbonell Casa Carbonell...
Arquifach, Architectural Studio in Costa Blanca: Modern Architecture of a Chalet
31 July 2018
Today, modern architecture is one of the most demanded architectural styles for the construction of chalets, villas or single-family homes in Costa Blanca. To know a little more about the beginning of this style, it is necessary to name one of its founders: Le Corbusier. He was a French architect known as the main protagonist...
Arquifach, arquitectos Alicante: se encargan de reformar tu chalet, villa o vivienda unifamiliar en la Costa Blanca.
26 July 2018
I want to do a renovation work. Do I have to ask for a license? In many cases, right after buying a second-hand house, a house or an apartment we think about doing some renovations to adapt it to our needs or tastes. In addition to hiring a builder to do the work, what other...