Architectural Trends in Costa Blanca: Minimalist exterior and comfortable interior

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Minimalism is a trend in many disciplines such as design, gastronomy or architecture. And we are experts in this latter field.  That is why today we are going to describe this trend that is invading the facades and exteriors of villas and homes in Costa Blanca. Certainly, minimalism is trendy. But the real trend is its combination with comfort: minimalist exterior and comfortable interior. We walk you through this article to explain what it is all about.

Although minimalism is currently seen in big constructions, the beginning of its expansion is associated with small homes and a different concept: a simple life. A concept that leads us to reflect on what is really important, what is necessary and vital to live, reducing to the maximum our possessions. It is a trend that we inherited from Japanese culture and philosophy and that appeared as an artistic trend after World War II. Since then, it has spread like wildfire in Western culture, especially in art, design and architecture. Not only has Japanese culture influenced this trend, the Bauhaus school and the Gestalt Laws have been important in the origins of this movement. Abstraction and simplicity dominated the world of design and impacted on architecture as being essential to this trend.


When we see a home with an exterior designed with basic minimalism, it may seem a simple task. Far from reality. Minimalism is an architectural trend that requires great skill. It consists of analyzing the essential elements and basing the design on simple geometric lines that lead unequivocally to harmony as a whole. The aim is to focus on basic principles such as color, volume or scale by reducing everything to the purely essential and using geometric shapes that relate to the space around them.

Tendencias arquitectónicas de la Costa Blanca: Exterior minimalista e interior confort

The environment: the sea, the coast and minimalism

The coastal environment of Alicante is the perfect natural setting to accompany a minimalist home. That is why we can see so many villas that follow this aesthetic trend in Costa Blanca that consist in returning to basic and natural materials such as wood, slate or cement and preserving only the minimum and basic elements, taking the constructions to simple geometrical forms and flat colors.

The focus of minimalism

Not only is the harmony we were referring to based on the visual. In order to correctly apply a minimalist architectural design, it is necessary to understand that the environment’s resources must be in harmony with the forms. The light will be one of the elements to take into account as the basis of the project. A minimalist project must have as a commandment to avoid any contamination of light. The environment will provide us with answers to many of the questions we will ask ourselves about light, views or materials.


In the West, man is commonly considered the subject, and nature the object. But if we have learned anything from Eastern philosophy, it is to consider man and his environment as an indivisible union. That union is a continuity that is rescued by the minimalist current. Interiors are indivisibly integrated with exteriors. It is about avoiding barriers and using clean lines that do not alter order, avoiding excesses to obtain the essence of the interiors through open surfaces free of clutter, painted in neutral base colors combined with natural textures and materials.

Villa Nadia proyecto de Arquifach, arquitectos Alicante Calpe

The interiors functionality will be the red line that cannot be crossed with excessive decorative elements. Some of the elements can even remain hidden until the time comes to use them. Closet doors or drawers that seem invisible until it is time to open them and use them. Hidden doors that separate rooms and open with a slight push. Simplicity linked to functionality is the motto of minimalist interior design.

Tendencias arquitectónicas de la Costa Blanca: Exterior minimalista e interior confort


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