Alicante’s Landscape Architecture

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Alicante’s Landscape Architecture

When projecting a work in architecture, two types of spaces have to be taken into account. Although they have different connotations in terms of their function and application, they also have a great relationship for the building: the indoor and outdoor spaces.

There is a connection between these two spaces through the articulation or passage from the private space to the public one and vice versa. The outdoor space is the area that is outside the interior or more intimate space, the outdoors. It is that area that allows the user or resident of the structure, when that space is private, to relax and have a time of recreation away from the contour defined internally.

The outdoor space design goes beyond the aesthetics that every work must have, since it can contrast with the internal structure, or be an announcement or preview of what is going to be found when entering the indoor space, which is why landscape architecture is applied.

Alicante’s Landscape Architecture
Alicante’s Landscape Architecture

What is landscape architecture?

Landscape architecture is the art and technique of designing and constructing the outdoor areas of a building. It is not just a simple design, but a rigorous and well-detailed analysis, as in the case of indoor design, of the various aspects that must be considered so that the outdoor space is articulated harmoniously with the indoor space or the overall structure.


What must be taken into account in order to make the most of the outdoors?

The space must be analyzed and adapted according to the climate in which the work is located, the terrain, the needs of the client and the type of inhabitants/families. Once all these aspects are determined, the best possible elements related to the theme of the work are chosen according to the order of priorities established in the study of the relationship of needs.

For example, depending on the climate and the terrain, consideration will be given to whether to build a swimming pool, the type of plants to be included or the type of fixed elements: windbreaks, parasols, etc. The movable elements, such as furniture, can be placed so that the space is pleasing to the eye and at the same time becomes a place of recreation.

As designers, we must offer different options on the possible outdoor solutions that can be considered according to the work and the program of necessities. Although the final decision is made by client who decides the style they like the most, we always offer advice and state our reasoned opinion and criteria.

Types of styles for different outdoors.

Let us imagine ourselves arriving at a building and finding an outdoor space where you can sit for a while to talk with your family and friends and let us go with a landscape or garden pleasant to the eye that provides tranquility and relaxation.

Do not imagine to get a space like this any longer. It is actually possible. And the best thing is that you can currently find various styles for outdoors that will dazzle you with their beauty and comfort. For instance:


These are the outdoor spaces where respect for the environment prevails. They stand out for the use of artificial turf or autochthonous plants that minimize water consumption. The beauty of nature is highlighted but respected.


This type of outdoor space is characterized by having trees or plants that adapt to the climate of the area where the work is located.


It is characterized by the presence of gardens with aquatic plants or that are found in water. For example, an outdoor space with a pond with a lotus flower, pontederia, cove, water hyacinth or yellow cove and some paths in the surroundings integrated into the whole space to observe that beauty.


This type of outdoor space is characterized by being like a work of art, where the green stands out in all its tonalities thanks to the greenery of the trees and exotic plants. A pleasure for our eyes.

Imagine just leaving your house and finding a leafy garden with bamboo, orchids, flowers of the most beautiful colors and ferns. Being there, you only have to let nature invade you in all its splendor.


If there is not a large area for nature to be present in the work, there are several ways to achieve it. You can let your imagination fly with vertical gardens.

As its name indicates it is a garden arranged in a vertical structure where diverse species of plants can be cultivated, allowing to add a different landscaping to your work with good use of the space.

Plant varieties and complements

The choice of plants and complements to be placed in the gardening will depend on the climate of the area and the terrain, as it has to adapt to the seasons. Another aspect to consider is water saving. Therefore, trees that do not require much water should be included.

The outdoor space design of a work is not as easy as it seems. It is not only about creating paths, trees and comfort zones, it goes much further. This space has to match the work. There must be contrast of colors and landscaping. In a nutshell, everything must be interrelated with the overall theme.

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