Tailor-made architecture Benissa: definition and advantages.

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When you decide to buy a home, there are multiple options. You can buy one of the many houses that are available in the market or build a new house from scratch. There are many aspects that make us choose one or the other, such as the cost, practicality or comfort of not having to wait for the construction, infrastructure, location, etc. Today we are going to speak about what means Tailor-made architecture.

Custom housing is when a house is built according to the needs of the client. For the construction of this type of housing, the first thing to dois to hire a specialized team of architects that will design a project tailored to your needs and your budget. This team will carry out a preliminary study, to be evaluated in a meeting with the client considering their needs or any ideas they would like to add.

Several proposals will emerge from this briefing, which will be explained in subsequent meetings, supporting it with the estimated analysis of the value of the work. For the project to be a success, it is essential to choose a team that can take care of all administrative procedures, and that involves the future owners as much as possible in the design of their home.

Once the contract with the future owners has been signed, architects proceed to the request budgets to several construction companies. Every good architect is surrounded by partners that guarantee the quality of the construction. The builders should be trusted companies that will work hand in hand with the architects and surveyors. The team will ensure that the construction company comply with the provisions of the initial design and proposal. Likewise, the team of architects will take care of the paperwork of the documentation that is made at the end of the work and the processing of the Occupation License.

Advantages of custom-made architecture

Tailor-made architecture creates real estate that fits 100% with the client’s needs

The main advantage of customized architecture is designing the home of your dreams, which will be adapted to your requirements, the number of members of your family o your way of living. Will be distributed according to your taste, and only the cliente will decide about the layout of the house: terrace, how and where you are going to place the kitchen, where it will be oriented… Everything detail will be based on the preference of the whole family.

Therefore, it is necessary to look for an architect who understands the need os the client. A team able to listen and adapt requirements and ideas to the design of the home.

Not always a custom house is more expensive.

There is a myth that new homes are more expensive than second-hand homes, and that is not the case, prices are almost the same . Especially taking into account that most of second-hand houses need to be remodeled.

Energy efficiency as indispensable in custom architecture

Another advantage of making a personalized home is to bet on a sustainable design that has the least possible impact on the environment and allows savings in energy costs.

It is about taking into account the conditions of the climate, the ecosystem and the hydrography. It is important to use high quality materials that must be guaranteed in custom architecture projects. When building a custom house, the builder gives you the guarantee that in the first two years you can claim any incident that has to do with the building.

Long-term investment

Building a house from scratch is investing your capital in the future. If you are thinking about buying a house, it is an excellent idea to build one taking into account the preferences of future buyers to ensure that it will be a good long-term investment.

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