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Arquifach: Studio architectural à Alicante présent: Villa Sabana - Maison individuelle avec piscine située dans l'urbanisation
16 October 2019
The world of real estate management is undoubtedly interesting, active and complex, especially when it comes to architectural projects. It is very common for clients to contract the services of an architectural firm with the aim of building or remodeling a specific property. It is the perfect occasion for that architect firm to demonstrate its...
Arquitectos Calpe
16 September 2019
For years, Spain has been one of the main countries that retired people from both Europe and North America choose when retiring to spend their last years of life. Among the main reasons we find the good climate and the quality of life that the country offers, especially in some areas. One of the favorite...
ARQUIFACH Estudio de arquitectos en Calpe, Altea, Benissa, Teulada y Moraira
1 September 2019
Concern for environmental protection is now widespread. In architecture and construction, this concern translates into the use of eco-friendly materials and practices that help conserve the resources of the environment. The saving of energy, the decrease in the emission of polluting gases and the sustainable use of resources are in the forefront of the construction...
13 December 2018
Real Estate Investments on the Costa Blanca: Why buy a house on the Costa Blanca? Costa Banca is located in the province of Alicante in the southeast of Spain. It is a privileged place due to its geographical and climatological characteristics that make it attractive for great investment possibilities by residents and tourists. Many of...
Fachada del centro George Pompidou, ubicado en París. Ejemplo de arquitectura High Tech.
7 December 2018
Nowadays, technological and digital evolution have transformed society. Nobody could have imagined in the past that we would become practically technified. This evolution covers all areas: health, education, industry and food, among others. In this sense, architecture has also had a progressive advance, giving rise to new trends where the structure, facilities, enclosures and other...